Topic: How to access Sentinel system?

Wryfox    -- 01-11-2009 @ 7:03 PM
  I loved the article in the recent Scottish Rite Journal (Jan/Feb 2009) on "Hurricanes, Funerals, and the Scottish Rite". Dean Alban speaks of using the Scottish Rite Sentinel Membership System to contact local brethren.  I could not find access on the Supreme Council website. How does one access this system? Thanks.

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Storm1952    -- 01-11-2009 @ 8:21 PM
  Brother Thomas: Beside your Valley Secretary, few if any regular members are allowed access into the database. The Shreveport Valley Secretary provides the Membership chairman a list of the sojourners that live within specific zip code criteria. We then contact these Scottish Rite members, invite them to our meetings and keep them apprised of masonic events in our area.
I would suggest contacting your Secretary and ask for information that you need. He can set parameters for inquiries that will show Scottish Rite members living in your neighborhood, subdivision, etc.
Steve Pence
Valley of Shreveport

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